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Florence Nightingale has long been recognised as an outstanding figure of British History during the Nineteenth Century. Her famous mercy mission during the Crimean War and her later contribution to both Nursing and Hospital Administration at home and abroad have earned her world wide recognition.

Nurses on Duty. (c) Banks Road School  2006Example of Pupil's work after a visit from Sgt Clarke 'Call to Battle' (c) Dovedale School 2005

"Who will take the Queens Shilling and be a Drummer Boy . "Our first Volunteer"  Prepare to Fire "Scutari Hospital" No beds - lie on the floor.

Pupils enjoying Living History in action

Thank you letter from Shardlow Primary School Children to Sgt Tom Clarke

Photographs reproduced by permission of the Schools

The 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment fought throughout the Crimean War of 1854-56. The Regimental Archives contain some fascinating reminders of that campaign, some of which are reproduced for use in the resource box including a letter from Hospital Sergeant Chas J Bramley to his Mother which you can read by clicking here..

Soldier of the 95th 1854Selection of Photographs from The Crimean WarUniforms of the 95th 1854

Photographic display of the Crimea


Cpl Thomas Finn 95th Uniforms of the 95th 18552584 Sgt Joseph Geary, 2823 Pte Thomas Anslow and 3045 LCpl Patrick  Carthy


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