The Military Brooch Collectors Club was formed in March 1982, by a few like minded interested people who felt that there was a larger calling for collectors of military brooches. Over the years, membership has grown and now includes members resident in Canada, America and Australia.

“Military Brooch Collectors Club” is an all embracing title for the many and varied military brooches which are available to the collector.

Each member has a collection which they add to as and when possible. Many of these collections come together once a year when they are displayed at the annual meeting. At this same meeting there are usually several hundred brooches being offered for sale at very realistic prices. The annual meeting is open to the public free of charge, and many visitors get an intriguing glance into a new hobby, some even taking it up and joining the club.

There are collections to almost every Regiment or Corps of the Army, and of course there is also great interest in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. Some collections are put together by type of brooch or materials the brooch is made from. There are also collections of Town brooches from the Great War of 1914-18 and even a collection of silver, Boer War brooches

The club keeps in touch by means of a very active newsletter which is sent out quarterly (more often if there are interesting and informative items to tell members about)

Membership of the club is open to all and costs just £5-00p per year (£7-00p for overseas members) For more information contact the club secretary

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