PROJECT “Robin Hood” Orphanage

Chitwan: NEPAL

The Trustees of the Museum are pleased to sponsor this page for the Project “Robin Hood Orphanage School” initiated and managed by Ex Corporal Owen (Smiler) Blackwell

His current project is to raise the sum of £5000 to build an orphanage which will be named the ‘Robin Hood Orphanage School’ in Chitwan to care for the children in the surrounding area. 

Smiler served 27 years with the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment (V) and continued to serve with the Army Cadet Force as an Instructor for over 23 years, he has now retired. He is no stranger to fundraising projects in Nepal. The reason he has adopted Nepal for his fundraising efforts are explained in his own story which can be read.

Through his efforts in 2001, an extension to a local school in Bamti Village was completed (renamed the ‘Foresters School’) and the following year saw a new toilet block being erected at the school.

In 2003 he provided a ‘Rickshaw Recycler’ in Copon on the outskirts of Kathmandu so that the local water supply wouldn’t be polluted by the dumping of rubbish.

In 2004 he initiated a ‘Toolbox Library’ where a box of tools is placed in a village and is available for loan to anyone who requires it.

In 2005 he provided a toilet and passenger carrying rickshaw in Chitwan

In 2006 he provided 5 Toolboxes to various locations in Nepal

In 2007 he has provided another Rickshaw and dug a Well in Chitwan, a Water Pump in Saura and the first toolbox to Tibet. The library now consists of 30 toolboxes.

In May 2009 he distributed a further 7 toolboxes bringing the library total to 37.

In April 2010 he distributed a further 4 toolboxes bringing the library total to 41.

In March 2011 he distributed a further 2 toolboxes bringing the library total to 43.

In November/December 2011 he distributed a further 8 toolboxes bring the library total to 51.

In March/April 2012 he distributed a further 9 toolboxes bringing the library total to 60.

In April/May 2013 he distributed a further 5 toolboxes bringing the library total to 65.

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