Lindhard resort

We wanted to make an online community that shares their experiences of historical tours, Museums, and similar experiences. We have thought about opening a small location somewhere in the country, as our members and team is scattered around the country, and maybe put our personal collections of historical artifacts and memorabilia there for others to see. Unfortunately for now we are merely a virtual museum with stories of our member’s experiences, and soon an online exhibit of our personal collections.

Right now we are studying how to create a library of 3d pictures of our collections, along with communicating with museums all over the country and world to partner up and help both parties to benefit from our members, with offers on the table like: Discounts in Museum stores, availability of their souvenirs in our online store (soon to launch), among other exciting things.

Right now we are at our infancy and would like your support through just visiting us ever so often, and as we grow, we will be able to offer more to you. Please enjoy the stories and information you might find in the site, and allow yourself the pleasure of witnessing the growth of a community.

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