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World War 1 resource box

This resource box offers an opportunity to use high quality replicas of unique and original documents from the Regimental Archives as well as materials and artefacts from the Sherwood Foresters Museum. Uniforms, head dress, equipment, medals and badges can all be handled and studied at first hand.

These items give you some idea of the opportunities this box provides to help bring history alive:

Map of the Somme 1st July 1916, Click here to go to the Somme pageA map showing the disposition of Units on the First day of the Battle of the SOMME 1 July 1916


Pieces of Shrapnel from the Western Front 1914 - 1918, click here to view large photo of ShrapnelA photograph of pieces of shrapnel from the Western Front


S V Wood DCM Extracts from letters home by S V Wood DCM

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